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Select your assessment time slot

Assessment is on Monday 14th of Novemeber in the DESA studio (gilberts office near the cafe). Myself and Rohan Nicol will be ennacting your assesment in small 15 minute timeslots. Choices are first come first served, if you havnt chosen you will be allocated a spot! Please ensure you are 10 minutes early for assessement and have sufficient time after if we are running late.

What to bring to Assessment

Your presentation will last about 15 minutes (down in the design arts office where we gave presentation) PLEASE be at least 15 minutes early and allow us time to be late. there is a bench outside the office that is a good place to wait.

Be prepared to explain you project, describe your logo, website design and other designs. Tell us why you chose to make them how you did and how this relates to you as an artist/maker/designer/business. 

We will load your website and any other web based elements (blogs, behance profiles, online shop etc.) on our computer. To show any other material do the following:

Option 1

  • bring printed versions of business cards, swing tags, flyers, letter heads, makers marks etc
  • If you have significantly updated your blurb book bring the printed version.

Option 2

If you don’t have time or funds to create real printed versions of print material create a powerpoint of business cards etc. and show us you blurb book by viewing it in the editor.


  • You do not need to bring anything from your talk. 
  • We will load up your blogs to see how you have been doing so change any ‘private posts’ that you intended us to see to ‘public’ on the day of assessment.

Fast cards template for illustrator

this is a blank template with bleed and rulers set up to the default fast cards size. It is set in a CMYK colour.

google apps (free)

Use this to set up email addresses.

Tips for business cards

  • design in illustrator to the specifications of you printer (60x40mm with 2mm external and internal bleed)
  • use lowercase characters on emails and web addresses
  • use the correct phone number syntax (xxxx xxx xxx for mobile) and international country code if needed (+61) or ’ +61 ’ eg, (+61) 0403 111 111 
  • type smaller than 9pt is too small. Safer even to stay at 10pt or higher
  • keep all type within the internal bleed or safe area of your card.

Business Card Text

Possible fields

  • name 
  • title
  • business name
  • phone (mobile is usually enough)
  • email
  • website
  • postal address (only if this is most definitely fixed)


Richard Blackwell
0403 XXX XXX 

Presentation Timeslots 26 sept (in desarts office)

Strictly 15min long

9am - Chris

20 - Allana

40 - Jasmin

10am - Andrew

20 - Sky

40 - Veneshri

11am (COFFEE)

20 - Carmen

40 - Genevieve

12pm - Amy

20 - Will


generous students! please show this to a few people and ask them what this says. Don’t tell them its initials and don’t tell them its mine! then report back to me :D optional assignment but much appreciated!

generous students! please show this to a few people and ask them what this says. Don’t tell them its initials and don’t tell them its mine! then report back to me :D optional assignment but much appreciated!

Automatic resize app with automator

click file/download original on the google docs page

4: the Plan

You have had time to think about the design and production of your website for a few weeks. Before getting to deeply involved in that, I want you to start thinking about the big picture in your project. 

Make a blog post explaining what you plan to produce for your professional profile. I will file these away and we can talk about them at review and towards the end of the semester.

This plan should include the following.

  • A description of the ‘brand’ or ‘identity’ you are creating: the name, and very shortly what its stands for. (eg. with RB logo: minimal, spacial, refined, concise. A Bold yet extremely parred back and minimal look designed to showcase the work and represent professionalism) 
  • A list of the proffesional profile items you are going to make - with the services you want to use to make them if you know at this stage (eg a website built on, buisness cards made using, invoicing stationary using, news site using facebook. blog using, email newsletter using, print to order portfolio using
  • A short list of some of the steps you will need to do to achieve these tasks. (eg, design a logo, colourscheme and typgraphic look, register for an ABN, Purchase domain, Design buiesness cards, find foil printing, Edit posts on blog, implement website on prosite….)

You can work on this during class or during the week. please comment to this post, OR email me a link to your post once it is live.